Gerbaldo Polimeri @ ARMO 2023

Gerbaldo Polimeri S.p.A. unveils ANEMOS, the new addition to its Green line.

From 10 to 12 September 2023, Gerbaldo Polimeri S.p.A. attended ARMO 2023, the world’s most prestigious conference on rotational moulding, held this year in Poznań, Poland.

During the event dedicated to sustainable rotational moulding, the company presented ANEMOS, a new compound from Gerbaldo Polimeri S.p.A.’s Green line, developed with a view to the circular economy.

ANEMOS is an innovative product formulated from ‘post-consumer’ PE in different concentrations, allowing it to be certified PSV, Second Life Plastic.

ANEMOS can be used for both rotomoulding and blow moulding and boasts a wide range of available colours.

The ANEMOS products include:

ANEMOS RM 30: innovative rotational moulding compound from the GREEN line, contains 30% post-consumer plastic.

ANEMOS HDPE 50_BL and 70_BL: blow-moulding compounds from the GREEN line, contain 50 % and 70 % post-consumer plastic respectively.

For additional information on ANEMOS: